Feb 21, 2023

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Engraving machine is a relatively early woodworking machinery and equipment, and the basic plate processing effect can be completed. I think many people will ask, why should we use CNC cutting machine for plates that can be processed by engraving machine? The reasons are as follows:

Due to the increasingly high requirements for furniture production, the processing effect and operating capacity of the engraving machine can no longer meet the processing needs. To meet the market processing needs, you can use the CNC cutting machine, which belongs to the fully automatic CNC mechanical equipment, with stable processing and high processing accuracy.

The engraving machine itself is unstable in structure, and cannot be cut for a long time. It is easy to lose the processing accuracy due to the heating of the internal coil of the motor for a long time. However, the CNC cutting machine will not have problems due to the long processing time. Under normal conditions, the equipment can run for 8 hours without problems.

The engraving machine runs slowly, while the servo motor installed on the CNC cutting machine is equipped with a reducer, so the power is more sufficient and the operation is more stable. In addition, ordinary engraving machines are basically spindles, and there is no way to realize automatic tool change. In the face of complex processing procedures, manual tool change is also required, which will waste a lot of labor costs and time costs.

The error of engraving machine is relatively large. Panel furniture often needs to be punched on the side. Without positioning cylinder, the error of hole spacing will become larger. However, the cutting machine has an automatic tool setting instrument, and the processing accuracy is very high. There will be no error of cutting, punching and slotting.

From the above contents, we know that the functions of the CNC cutting machine are very strong. Many functions and processing accuracy of the engraving machine cannot meet the requirements of high-precision and high-speed processing. The use of the CNC cutting machine can solve the problems of speed, accuracy and other aspects.

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