As furniture manufacturers have higher and higher requirements for the precision and efficiency of sheet metal processing, the models of CNC cutting machines are also constantly improving. At present, the most frequently used cutting machines in furniture manufacturers are in-line cutting machines (in-line tool change machining centers) and four-process cutting machines.

The four-process cutting machine is an economical cutting machine model. It has four cutter heads, and realizes “0-second tool change” through pneumatic switching. It is more suitable for cutting, punching, slotting and other processes for panel furniture cabinets. It can also complete simple door panel processing. It is widely used in small and medium-sized furniture factories. are relatively common in use.

The in-line cutting machine is a functional cutting machine. At least 12 tool magazines, cabinet body and door dual-mode system, fast punching can be realized in cabinet mode, and precise engraving can be realized in cabinet door mode, one machine with multiple functions. At the same time, its price is slightly higher than that of the four processes.

Now part of the four-process cutting machine will be replaced by the in-line cutting machine, because the in-line tool change machining center has a large number of tool magazines and has more advantages in processing door panels. Moreover, furniture manufacturers are increasingly pursuing high efficiency. The previous four-step process with a laser side hole machine cannot meet the production demand, and the second is that the production speed is slow, which reduces the profit margin. More will choose the in-line cutting machine combined with CNC six-sided drilling, the two can improve processing efficiency, reduce production costs, and improve the competitive advantage of manufacturers.

The four-process cutting machine only supports automatic switching of four knives, so it processes some relatively simple door shapes and cabinet processes. It is recommended for customers who are just starting to work in furniture factories to choose. The investment budget is relatively low, and the output can also meet the early stage. processing needs. If you want to process more complex door shapes, you need to choose a feature-rich in-line cutting machine. In short, what suits you is the right one. There are more in-line functions, and the four processes are more targeted, each with its own advantages.

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